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DynaScan Technology presented its sustainable product line for DOOH advertising with E Ink display technology at ISE 2024.


DynaScan’s cutting-edge display solutions created innovative products that redefined the user experience.


DynaScan demonstrated a digital out-of-home (DOOH) solution with the largest E Ink Kaleido™ 3 color ePaper to date. The E Ink Kaleido™ 3 Outdoor technology was suitable for a variety of environments due to its broad operating temperature range of -15 to 65 degrees Celsius, making it an ideal display technology for virtually any public display application.


DynaScan also showcased DOOH solutions with 13.3, 25.3, and 42-inch color ePaper, as well as a 42-inch monochrome solution. The demonstration marked the initial phase in the launch of the brand-new product line. Building on its expertise in developing displays tailored for challenging environments like storefront windows and outdoor settings, DynaScan utilized the latest color E Ink technology that offered exceptional visibility in sunlight while also featuring reduced power consumption. DynaScan introduced a brand new sustainable DOOH product line in 2024 with plans for larger sizes in the future.


This collaboration marked a significant step in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge display solutions that offered excellent sunlight readability and low power consumption. Together with E Ink, we looked forward to creating displays that not only met but exceeded the expectations of our customers, said Alan Kaufman, President of DynaScan Technology.

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