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INFiLED's 15-year celebration: embracing the future with thrilling 2024 previews.


Explore what lies ahead as INFiLED mark 15 years of innovation and consistent excellence, unveiling exciting new launches and surprises set to define the company's journey into 2024.


Starting with the fact that INFiLED is a high-tech company specialized in the development and manufacturing of large-scale LED video equipment, could you provide details about the products the company highlighted during its participation in Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024?

At Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024, INFiLED presented an impressive range of products, both new and existing, showcasing the company's commitment to cutting-edge technology in the field of large-scale LED video equipment. Among the new products scheduled for presentation were the WT, AMT, RS, and VW54. These additions are expected to bring advancements in display technology, enhanced resolutions, and innovative features to cater to a wide range of applications.

Additionally, INFiLED also highlighted its existing flagship products, the Infinite Colors and CBSF technologies. These have already set a benchmark for excellence in the industry, known for their exceptional image quality, seamless integration, and versatility.

By featuring a diverse range of products, including both new innovations and proven technologies, INFiLED aimed to offer a comprehensive showcase that caters to the evolving needs of customers in the AV and display sector.


During ISE 2023, INFiLED introduced notable devices, including its outstanding WP series for indoors and the Titan-X solution with high transparency and format for outdoors. How has the impact of these products been perceived throughout the year? And, regarding ISE 2024, what impact have the newly presented products had?

After their debut at ISE 2023, INFiLED's notable devices, especially the WP series for indoors and the Titan-X outdoor solution, have had a significant impact on the industry over the past year. The indoor WP series, known for its exceptional performance, has received positive feedback for delivering impressive image quality and versatility in various indoor settings. Meanwhile, the Titan-X outdoor solution, with its high transparency and format, has been recognized for its innovation and ability to provide captivating displays in outdoor environments.

At ISE 2024, the newly presented products, including the WT, AMT, RS, and VW54, have been well-received. These are expected to build upon the success of their predecessors, offering enhanced features, improved resolutions, and cutting-edge technology. The industry is eager to witness how these innovations will shape the future of large-scale LED video equipment.


With the increasing competition in the LED display industry, can you explain how INFiLED manages to stand out and position its brand in the market? What are the strengths and key innovations that differentiate the company from its competitors? Which market verticals, such as rental, touring, fixed installation, retail, filming, and control rooms, does INFiLED find most competitive?


INFiLED stands out in the competitive LED display industry by prioritizing a superior user experience through innovation and quality. The company differentiates itself by actively collaborating with the digital artistic community, enhancing the artistic potential of its solutions.


In addition, INFiLED is set to mark its 15th anniversary with special initiatives, reinforcing its commitment to excellence. The company excels in market verticals such as rental, touring, fixed installation, retail, filming, and control rooms, offering versatile LED display solutions to meet diverse customer needs.


In the realm of rental markets, events, leisure, and entertainment, could you highlight how INFiLED strengthens and strategically positions itself to face and lead emerging trends in LED display technology? Additionally, what is the company's vision regarding current and future trends in this constantly evolving sector?

In the world of rental markets and entertainment, INFiLED strategically positions itself to anticipate and lead emerging trends in LED display technology. The company's strength lies in its commitment to innovation, consistent excellence and cutting-edge products development. INFiLED prioritizes customization and flexibility, recognizing the diverse requirements of the rental market, ensuring its LED display solutions can adapt seamlessly to various event spaces, sizes, and configurations.

Furthermore, INFiLED places a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality performance in its LED displays, contributing to vivid and captivating visuals that enhance experiences.

In addition, the company actively engages in strategic partnerships within the events and entertainment industry, collaborating with event planners, production companies, and entertainment venues to stay ahead of industry needs and trends, fostering mutual growth.


In the audiovisual integration sector, how do INFiLED's product ranges adapt to the growing demands and trends of the market? What standout solutions does the company offer to meet specific needs in various fields, be it retail, corporate, or educational?

INFiLED's product ranges in the audiovisual integration sector adeptly align with the evolving demands and trends of the market. The company addresses the specific needs of various fields, including retail, corporate, and educational sectors, through standout solutions tailored for each.

In the retail sector, INFiLED offers dynamic and visually striking LED displays that enhance brand visibility and create immersive customer experiences. The company's commitment to high resolution and seamless integration caters to the visual demands of retail environments.

For the corporate sector, INFiLED provides advanced LED video walls and displays that facilitate impactful presentations, collaborative meetings, and efficient communication. The solutions are designed to elevate corporate spaces, fostering engagement and productivity.

In the educational field, INFiLED's products contribute to interactive and engaging learning environments. The company's innovative displays are leveraged for presentations, lectures, and interactive lessons, enhancing the overall educational experience.

Across these sectors, INFiLED stands out by offering versatile and customizable solutions that meet the specific requirements of each industry. The adaptability, high-quality performance, and innovative features of INFiLED's product ranges ensure they remain at the forefront of meeting the dynamic needs and trends in the audiovisual integration sector.


Given the exponential growth in sectors like filming or virtual production, what is INFiLED's stance on emerging trends in these market verticals (broadcast, television studios, filming)? Does the company have specific products designed to address the needs of these areas?

Considering the rapid growth in filming and virtual production sectors, INFiLED is at the forefront of addressing emerging trends in market verticals such as broadcast, television studios, and filming. The company is dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of these industries by offering specialized LED display solutions.

INFiLED's products are engineered to provide high-resolution visuals, seamless integration, and enhanced color accuracy, providing specifically to the demands of broadcast environments and the intricate requirements of filming and virtual production. By staying agile and responsive to industry trends, INFiLED continues to provide cutting-edge solutions that contribute to the success and innovation within these dynamic market verticals.


Throughout 2023, INFiLED showcased its extended reality and virtual production solutions in six global showrooms located in Barcelona, Dubai, Los Angeles, Shenzhen, Malaysia, and Tokyo. Could you indicate how this has influenced the company commercially and what impact it has had on customer perception?

Throughout 2023, INFiLED strategically showcased its extended reality and virtual production solutions in six global showrooms situated in Barcelona, Dubai, Los Angeles, Shenzhen, Malaysia, and Tokyo. This initiative has yielded significant commercial benefits and positively influenced customer perception.

Commercially, the global showrooms have served as immersive platforms for potential clients to experience firsthand the capabilities of INFiLED's extended reality and virtual production solutions. This approach has not only facilitated more informed decision-making for customers but has also contributed to increased engagement and interest in the company's innovative offerings.


The impact on customer perception has been notable, as these showrooms signify INFiLED's commitment to bringing its solutions closer to clients. By establishing a physical presence in diverse global locations, the company aims to forge stronger bonds with customers, showcasing its adaptability to regional needs and preferences.


The showrooms play a pivotal role in creating a more intimate and accessible experience, enhancing customer trust and loyalty. More showrooms openings are coming on 2024.


Considering the importance of innovation in LED technology, could you share information about the research and development strategies the company is implementing to stay at the forefront of the market and present innovative solutions at events like ISE?

INFiLED's commitment to innovation in LED technology is a strategic imperative to maintain a leadership position in the market and present cutting-edge solutions at prestigious events such as ISE. The company's research and development strategies are characterized by a comprehensive and systematic approach.

Firstly, INFiLED allocates substantial resources to maintain a robust R&D infrastructure. This includes assembling a talented team of engineers and researchers dedicated to staying abreast of the latest technological advancements and market trends.

Secondly, the company prioritizes continuous product development cycles. INFiLED's agile development process allows for swift adaptation to emerging technologies, enabling the integration of state-of-the-art components and the introduction of novel features to its LED display solutions.

Furthermore, INFiLED actively engages in collaborative initiatives with academic institutions and industry partners. This collaborative ecosystem facilitates the exchange of knowledge and insights, fostering a dynamic environment for innovation.


About a year ago, INFiLED's CEO, Marco Bruines, mentioned that one of the company's goals was to develop an immersive experience allowing customers to test technologies and evaluate product performance. What has been the audience's response to this initiative since then? Additionally, what new challenges does INFiLED aim to address in 2024?

Since INFiLED's CEO, Marco Bruines, articulated the goal of creating an immersive experience for customers to test technologies and assess product performance about a year ago, the audience response has been overwhelmingly positive. This initiative has not only allowed us to showcase the capabilities of our technologies but has also played a pivotal role in establishing a closer and more interactive bond with our customers.

The immersive experience has been well-received, providing customers with firsthand insights into the performance and applications of our products. It has proven to be an effective platform for fostering a deeper understanding of our solutions, ultimately enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.


Looking ahead to 2024, INFiLED is poised to address new challenges while building upon the positive momentum. Our primary focus remains on sustaining our growth trajectory with the same level of quality that has defined us. We aspire to maintain our commitment to innovation, developing solutions that set us apart in the market and continually meet the evolving needs of customers.


The challenges of 2024 involve striking a balance between growth and innovation. INFiLED aims to navigate this landscape by staying true to our core values, delivering quality products, and pushing the boundaries of technology to remain a reliable and innovative partner in the LED display industry.


Considering the growing environmental awareness, what commitments and sustainable practices has INFiLED adopted in the production and development of its products?

There are several issues to approach:

  • Energy efficiency: INFiLED places a strong emphasis on energy-efficient design and manufacturing processes. The company works to minimize energy consumption during production and ensures that its LED display solutions are designed to operate efficiently, reducing overall energy usage.
  • Materials and recycling: INFiLED promotes recycling practices within its production processes.
  • Environmental awareness and education: INFiLED is committed to raising awareness and educating stakeholders, including employees, clients, and partners, about sustainable practices. This proactive approach fosters a culture of environmental responsibility and ensures a collective effort towards sustainability.

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