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EET and Bosch collaborate to transform the audio experience in commercial and retail environments.

Audio systems help create pleasant atmospheres in stores, bars, or supermarkets and actively contribute to extending the customer's dwell time, enhancing their shopping experience, and thereby boosting sales. Sufficient reason for the retail sector to seek new ways to connect with consumers.

One of the most recent trends in the retail sector is to create stores and venues that are not merely a location, an inert space, but rather an experience in itself where the consumer can enjoy, feel comfortable, and even socialize. This is achieved, among other factors, through background music, using sound as a primary tool to create that complete and quality experience. Like other stimuli such as light, smell, or store layout, music or audio ads help create a connection between customers and the brand and define the style that it wants to convey to its consumers.

In this regard, Bosch offers public address solutions with control systems and speakers specially designed for the needs of retail and retail. These solutions can be configured to broadcast different audio programs depending on the area, schedule, and target audience in the store at any given time, thus customizing the user experience according to their personal profile and needs.BOSCH EET 2 HI

Aware of consumer demand, EET, in partnership with Bosch Security Systems, distributes its innovative public address solutions in selected markets. This strategic collaboration allows EET to expand its product portfolio and offer its customers access to Bosch's most advanced commercial audio technologies.


Bosch Security Systems' public address solutions have gained industry recognition for their exceptional sound quality, reliability, and versatility. From public address systems for commercial environments to more specific applications in industrial and public settings, these are products that meet a wide range of communication needs.

Their versatility is another key advantage, allowing the solutions to easily adapt to a variety of applications, from large warehouses and shopping malls to hotels. In addition, the ease of installation and configuration and their intuitive interfaces make these products highly attractive to users.

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