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OPTIMUS presents SMM-8SB, designed to automate the transmission of pre-recorded audio messages and control speaker zones.

SMM-8SB allows the management of up to 100 time schedules for message broadcasting, each of which can combine up to 3 different audio files, facilitating the broadcast of personalized messages at multiple times of the day.


One of the system's highlighted features is its ability to stream audio (multicast) to OPTIMUS-compatible SIP devices: speakers, amplifiers, audio interfaces...


In addition to pre-recorded messages, SMM-8SB has a 0 dB audio input for music playback, whether local or streaming. Each message and multicast channel can be assigned to one of the 8 speaker zones, so that when played, the corresponding output contact and/or multicast channel is activated. The equipment can serve messages and music to both the local public address system and remotely connected networked systems.

The time scheduling allows configuring the validity period of each message, with start and end dates, the days of the week when the message will be activated, holidays, selecting "holidays only" or "without holidays" filters, setting the frequency of audio message repetition at certain times. These consist of a maximum of 3 audio files, facilitating composition by allowing the use of repetitive parts, such as a commercial header or a starting or ending gong, for example. Other possibilities include configuring the wait time between the three files or setting a time limit on the playback of each message, avoiding the task of editing and cutting it in advance.

In addition to messages for time scheduling, SMM-8SB includes 8 additional audio messages, with priority over programmable ones, activated by input contacts. There are 10 priority levels to decide which message to broadcast in case of a match. Activation is by pulse (plays once) or by level (plays while active), and the broadcast can be stopped by configuring the contact as stop.

SMM-8SB is programmed from any computer via Ethernet connection, thanks to its integrated WebServer. This feature allows, for example, monitoring of stored audio files, the possibility of live message broadcasting, and the upload/download of time schedules and contact configurations for transfer and/or copying of installations, a function of great utility for retail chains; grocery stores, supermarkets, large retail stores...

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