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Today more than ever, people define their own well-being goals. At Samsung, they work to enable more people to manage their health.

From staying fit to gaining muscle mass, sleeping better, or addressing physical and mental health issues, both personal and family-related, everyone's goals for improving their health are different. But there is a common factor: the daily management and the journey toward these goals, which can be complex and challenging. Most importantly, the path is defined by each individual.


That's why, at Samsung, they work to enable more people to manage their health, and that of their loved ones, in their own way, with a comprehensive and simplified approach to daily well-being. The goal is to improve the health of billions of people through connected home-centered care by linking devices, services, and people. 


Simplifying well-being by combining scattered health data

One of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare sector today is the dispersion of data and how to gather it. Samsung is uniquely positioned to tackle this task with one of the largest and most diverse ecosystems of connected devices. Now, with Samsung Health, they connect different devices and solutions from their partners within a unified platform, simplifying health tracking from a Galaxy wearable.

By collecting data through advanced sensor technology, a deeper and more holistic understanding is gained, with better insights and integrated third-party health data. And as always, this personal data from Galaxy devices remains secure thanks to the Samsung Knox security platform.


Turning data into useful information with the transformative power of AI

As in any good data model, the key is how the information is leveraged. In this new mobile AI era, Samsung focuses on staying at the forefront of information maximization. With AI intelligence, the most transformative technology of the century, users will receive more personalized information and tailored health experiences through Samsung Health's extensive global data set of 64 million monthly active users. And while each user's wellness journey is unique, it is believed that they all start the same way: by gaining a deeper understanding of their health through more comprehensive perspectives, lasting as long as possible.

This is why a series of tools have been created to provide comfortable, continuous, and accurate health tracking. This approach comes to life in the range of wearables with upcoming features like My Vitality Score and Booster Card, combining more data with new intelligent analysis to offer even more personalized and actionable guidance day and night.Samsung IA salud 4 HI

It all starts with restful sleep

With more data and greater intelligence, users will receive even more information for comprehensive preventive wellness solutions, starting with sleep.

A series of features has been developed that provide users with a deeper understanding of the quality of their sleep and other aspects of their health during it. For example, the sleep apnea feature, which has just received FDA De Novo authorization in the U.S., will help users identify early warning signs of this serious, often undiagnosed and untreated chronic condition so they can discuss it with their doctor preventively.

This is just the beginning. The Samsung team is working with partners to connect these capabilities to real-world solutions and services that expand access to home healthcare. For example, you can create an optimal sleep environment for a good night's sleep with connected devices, from the Sleep Mode function and SmartThings controls to a smart mattress that can precisely adjust the temperature for sleep and achieve quality rest.


The future of well-being at your fingertips

Samsung is aware that having a deep understanding of health can bring significant long-term benefits to the well-being of all users. As they strive to fulfill their vision of providing users with a comprehensive and simplified approach to daily well-being, they realize that the possibility of choice is an important factor. Obtaining accurate, detailed, and advanced information about personal health status is the foundation for helping to track change and act accordingly.

Mobile devices will become the main access point for AI, and through Samsung Galaxy with its wide and complete product portfolio, heritage of innovation, and philosophy of open collaboration, they are well positioned to accelerate their global expansion. That's why there is so much anticipation for the introduction of Samsung Galaxy Ring later this year, bringing Samsung's built-in innovations to the smallest form for comfortable 24/7 use.

As a new addition to the wearables range, Galaxy Ring will offer users a completely innovative way to simplify daily well-being, giving them more information and more ways to understand themselves day and night. With Galaxy Ring, users can enjoy an unparalleled experience at every step of their well-being journey, all in line with Samsung's broader vision of a more connected, integrated, and seamless digital well-being platform.


Samsung will continue to enrich and expand Galaxy AI experiences across product categories and collaborations to deliver mobile experiences that challenge the imagination.


The launch of Galaxy Ring is just one of Samsung's many initiatives that exemplify this and fulfill the vision of improving the health and well-being of billions of people, starting at home, with you. Through the power of AI, partnerships, and advanced technology, more people are being helped to better understand themselves and make small changes that have a big impact every day. With this, the power of Galaxy AI and many more exciting health and well-being solutions and updates on the horizon, we can't wait for you to see what's available.


Samsung unveiled its smart health lineup at MWC

Jordi Hereu i Boher, Minister of Industry and Tourism of the Government, visited the Samsung Electronics booth at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. 


Samsung IA salud 2 HI   Samsung IA salud 3 HI


Accompanied by David Alonso, Business Director of the Mobility area at Samsung Electronics Iberia, the minister was able to learn about the new Galaxy S24 series, discover the new Galaxy Book4 laptops, and learn about Galaxy Ring, all powered by Galaxy AI.

Indeed, based on the transformative power of AI, Samsung has presented at this edition of the MWC its smart health lineup, offering users even more personalized health experiences through new devices. Thus, Galaxy Ring comes to this event as a new health device that helps achieve a healthier and smarter life through a more connected digital well-being platform: Samsung Health.

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