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Symetrix and Visual Productions present a strategic synergy to revolutionize Audiovisual Integration.

Symetrix, a manufacturer of digital audio processing equipment, and Visual Productions, dedicated to lighting control solutions, announced a strategic collaboration that promises to set new standards in audiovisual system integration. This alliance focuses on improving interoperability between professional audio and visual lighting, marking a milestone in technological innovation for the sector.


The collaboration is materialized through the progressive inclusion of Visual Productions products into the Symetrix Control Library, a free resource that offers high-quality third-party control and logic modules. This initiative will facilitate engineers and system designers the effective integration of AV solutions with Symetrix-powered DSP systems, ensuring smooth operation and simplified configuration.


Key benefits of the collaboration

  • Enhanced interoperability: Efficient integration of audio and lighting systems for complex audiovisual projects.
  • Configuration simplification: Reduction in the time and complexity of implementing integrated systems.
  • High-quality resources: Access to the Symetrix Control Library, facilitating the implementation of approved AV solutions.




About the Visual Productions CueCore2  
The CueCore2 is a standout example of Visual Productions technology that will benefit from this collaboration. As a solid-state lighting controller, it is designed for permanent installations and system integration projects, offering functionalities such as cue playback, intensity control and speed, and master fade. Its adaptability to different environments makes it an ideal tool for countless applications.




 Impact on the sector  
The alliance between Symetrix and Visual Productions not only reflects a commitment to quality and innovation but also provides industry professionals with the necessary tools to carry out top-level audiovisual projects. This collaboration is a testament to how the strategic union of leading companies can drive technological advancement in the audiovisual industry over the coming years.