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In March, Unilumin International Partner Summit 2024 was held in Shenzhen.


Nearly 300 representatives from overseas partners gathered to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of Unilumin, witnessing the achievements of the Metasight ecological industry and discussing its future development.


The prevalence of Vision Pro, Sora, and other concepts herald the application of AI + LED display and cost-effective popularization. The LED industry will usher in a new cycle and more market opportunities. Unilumin' s 'full line production capability' of MIP/COB/SMD/TIP, 'full brand system' covering display/lighting/design/digital content, and 'full process solution' integrating IoT and digital content, etc., will make every effort to help our global partners win the market, stated Unilumin Chairman Tiger Lin. 


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"Unilumin helps partners succeed; partners’ success is Unilumin’ success", relying on the world's largest LED display intelligent manufacturing base and global localized services, Unilumin empowers market growth with high-quality resources and helps continuously strengthen the competitiveness of partners.

At the summit, Unilumin demonstrated the latest technology application achievements: AM & MCOB new products. The products are characterized by ultra-cool screen, ultra-thin design, system integration, etc., with outstanding performance in power consumption and display effect. At the same time, Unilumin also launched the industry's potential LED conference all-in-one, shared the market opportunities and put forward Unilumin UTV SC COB all-in-one and matching solutions.


Unilumin hopes that through the industry's cutting-edge products and solutions to help partners achieve rapid development and realize the dreams together! 


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The site was set up with a new product experience session, with the professionals’ explanation and guidance, through a close understanding of Unilumin’s products, partners could feel the high quality firsthand, and experience their user-friendly design and ease of use, which enhanced the partners' confidence in the Unilumin brand and the cooperation willingness.


Unilumin’s wish to work with partners to develop the future is heartfelt and sincere. Partner representatives also shared the story of cooperation with Unilumin on site, and expressed the recognition for the strength and the development potential of Unilumin. A number of partners signed with Unilumin on site to reach more in-depth and long-term cooperation, marking the success of the summit.

When the night falls, a chic sailboat dressed as "RMS Unilumin" with the elements of the 20th anniversary of Unilumin, is quietly waiting for the arrival of Unilumin’s partners, which is not only a place for holding the dinner party, but also Unilumin’ s stage to show its 20 years of brilliant history and future vision to the global partners.


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Despite the inconvenience of transportation, the weather was also slightly cold and drizzling, but all of these failed to stop the enthusiasm and expectation of partners for the event of Unilumin. At that night, nearly 300 Unilumin’s partners to the banquet, far more than expected. They stopped next to the "RMS Unilumin" and taken a group photo, which heralded that the Unilumin and its partners hand in hand, set sail and ride the waves in the future.

The prelude to the dinner was formally opened in the speech. Unilumin team, represented by Chairman Tiger Lin, expressed sincere thanks to every partner present, and looked forward to Unilumin and global partners developing a grand blueprint for the future. Dozens of exquisite buffet food and wine, together with the melodious music of the live band, created an elegant and relaxing atmosphere for the guests.


Unilumin Cumbre 9 HI   Unilumin Cumbre 10 HI


The lucky draw session ignited the atmosphere of the dinner. Whether it is the Bluetooth headset, sports watch, or drone, each gift represents Unilumin's care and appreciation for its partners. When the lucky guests walked onto the stage, cheers and applause erupted on site, and the atmosphere of joy and surprise filled every corner.

Many guests were infected by the joyful atmosphere of the evening and opened their hearts to perform on stage. When learning that some guests celebrated their birthdays at the dinner, Unilumin team also sent warm wishes and birthday songs for them, making everyone present feel the warmth of home.


Unilumin Partner Summit event not only lets partners deeply understand Unilumin's strategy, products, and services, but also lets them feel the joy and pride of Unilumin's 20th anniversary. Looking to the future, Unilumin will continue to work with global partners to expand the market and realize the beautiful vision of Digitalization of Metasight Lights up Countries and Cities World Wide.

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