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Since 1999, Sommer cable has not only been soldering, but also making contacts.

Despite the advancing digitalization and further development of radio technologies, we still need cables and signal connectors in large quantities, be they analog or digital. Cables still offer the highest signal transmission quality and data (interception) security.


Musicians became cable experts...

Sommer cable GmbH was founded in 1999 by Rainer Blanck and Friedhelm Sommer. Together with some confidants being tinkerers around cable specialist Pascal Miguet, thoroughbred musicians, sound people, electronic engineers and event specialists, they began to develop cables and connectors not only renowned for their pristine sound quality, but also for their user-friendly design.


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Today, Sommer Cable stands as a premier cable manufacturer, offering a comprehensive array of products spanning the audio, video, multimedia, broadcast, and hi-fi sectors. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and reliability, the company distinguishes itself by its keen ability to anticipate industry trends and continually evolve future-proof solutions through invaluable insights from both customers and partners.


The foundation of our solution competence lies in our attitude: the passion for what we do. It's ingrained in every member of our team and evident in every aspect of Sommer Cable. How do we do that? By forming a team with our employees and our customers. We turn the talents of our people into those of our company and the requirements of our customers into our own. This approach sets us apart in today's industry landscape. And that's what makes us different, explains Rainer Blanck, CEO and company founder.


With this ethos, customer-centric approach, and expert guidance, Sommer cable today inspires customers worldwide, spanning the professional audio sector including architects, planners, studio, media, event technology professionals and, of course, musicians.


To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Sommer Cable extends its gratitude to all customers and partners with an exclusive anniversary promotion: starting in February 2024, customers will receive monthly product highlights at a special price.


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Investing in the future

From humble beginnings in a modest office with a handful of employees, the Sommer family, along with its branches and subsidiaries, has burgeoned to nearly 90 team members, with offices in France, the USA, and most recently, Spain.Sommer cable aniversario 6 HIThe company has witnessed numerous milestones throughout its history, from significant projects like relocating to the current premises on Humboldtstraße in 2004 to the transformation of the small parts warehouse into the automated Autostore in 2017. Another major project is also on the agenda this year with the relaunch of our online store. In addition to innovations to our product range, such as HICON in 2002 and SYSBOXX in 2005, we are also keeping up to date as a company.

Sommer cable stands for connections that inspire – "simply good vibes" – and is looking forward to the next 25 years with its customers and partners.

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