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Hikvision Masters 2024 is born, the major training event for electronic security installers.


A free event, held for the first time and open to all installers in Spain and Portugal. The company's objective is to find the greatest experts in electronic security, while training and rewarding the best representatives of the sector with a competitive dynamic.


The event revolves around a competition, structured in different modules, one for each product line (CCTV, Intrusion, Access Control, and Intercom) and one more, Convergence, aimed at verifying cross-sectional knowledge and integration of Hikvision products. Installers will choose which modules to participate in, requiring participation in the first three to access the last one, in a challenge where it is recommended to maximize experience and participate in as many as possible.

Participants will be guided by a coach, official Hikvision distributors, who will advise and train them until the competition day. Each competing installer will have a workstation to operate and configure the equipment. At the end of the event, there will be an awards ceremony and material delivery, along with a ranking table, which will be available for consultation by modules, region, and globally.Hikvision Masters 2 HI

Reasons to participate

With this first edition of Hikvision Masters 2024, the company aims to offer a way to access the best training and tools to guarantee maximum quality solutions in the sector.


From Hikvision, we are very aware that we must be close to electronic security professionals and we cannot neglect their training at the highest level. Hikvision Masters 2024 is born as a first appointment, with which we want to advance and offer both a training tool and an experience that all participants and partners want to be part of, says Jorge Sepúlveda, Marketing Director of Hikvision Iberia.


The Hikvision Masters program will be repeated over time, providing new options to climb in the ranking and discover who the next masters of electronic security are. Among the advantages it offers are truly valuable and free training on the different product lines of Hikvision and prestigious certifications after completing the product modules. In addition, professionals classified in the top positions of the competition will obtain a TOP RANKING certification, which grants them great reputation in the market. There will also be unique prizes, such as a trip to the Hikvision Europe headquarters, product discounts worth €2,000, and other state-of-the-art items, among others.


Hikvision Masters 2024 will visit a total of six cities, starting in Madrid and then passing through Valencia, Barcelona, Bilbao, Malaga, and Lisbon between April 18 and June 6. Registrations are already open and can also be accessed through the representatives of each area.

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