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AUDAC introduces the Atellio product family, an optimal solution where AV and IT technologies converge like never before.

AUDAC, marking the beginning of a new era in sound solutions on network, has just taken a step towards the future. Imagine a flexible and scalable sound system that can be configured and controlled through a customized dashboard in minutes, without the need for complex programming.


The Atellio family has been designed with a flexible architecture, offering a range of network audio solutions that are so easy to use they can adapt to any project, meeting the changing needs of any environment.


A glimpse into the future

For this reason, AUDAC has designed the Atellio product family with a flexible architecture. A range of network audio solutions so versatile and easy to use that they can adapt to any type of project, and their scalability ensures that they can easily meet the changing needs of any environment at any time. These solutions grow as functions and features are added during the product lifecycle.Audac SeeSound 4 HI

Total system control

At the heart of Atellio lies the AUDAC Touch™, its revolutionary total system control platform. AUDAC Touch™ is the simplest way to set up the system and create custom dashboards for users without needing a single line of code.

By dragging and dropping widgets, you can create a control panel in the blink of an eye without complex configurations. However, if you want to create more complex solutions, you can write your own custom scripts using the LUA programming language.


Centralized processing

Modularity, flexibility, and sustainability were the main criteria when starting its design process, and this is clearly seen when we take a closer look at the Atellio product family. We can design a project with a centralized processing approach using one of its powerful matrix processors, which stand out for their ease of use and installation.


Decentralized processing

However, it is no longer necessary to rely on a centralized approach for each solution, as each product is smarter and more powerful than before. Since each member of the Atellio family has the necessary signal processing power and unique features, they are perfect for use as standalone solutions.

As you can imagine, the Atellio family is compatible with Dante™, the de facto standard for digital audio networking, allowing the distribution of multiple audio channels over a standard Ethernet network, offering ultra-low latency, seamless synchronization, and simple configuration. This integration ensures that Atellio devices can be seamlessly integrated into existing network audio infrastructures, facilitating interoperability with a wide range of professional audio equipment.
Audac SeeSound 3 HI

A complete family

Atellio not only represents an innovative solution in the field of networked sound and control, but also promises constant expansion of features and wide compatibility with AUDAC's multiple families and their technology partners. From network audio matrix processors to control panels and network paging consoles, the Atellio family is designed to offer an unparalleled user experience.Audac SeeSound 2 HI

Atellio is the culmination of meticulous design alongside innovative vision, offering flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use networked sound solutions, and the answer for those seeking audio excellence without the complication of complex programming, setting new standards in networked sound and control.

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