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NETGEAR®, Inc. launched the most compact WiFi 7 access point on the market.


The tri-band WBE750 is designed for businesses heavily reliant on wireless internet and delivers up to 18.4Gbps[1] total WiFi throughput, supported by a 10Gbps/Multi-Gigabit PoE++ port.


The WBE750 Insight Manageable Tri-band WiFi 7 Access Point provides the deep capabilities that today’s complex businesses need, including real-time responsiveness, low latency, and increased capacity.


Employees are using an increasing number of connected devices at work – including laptops, cell phones, tablets, on top of office-wide connected devices such as collaboration systems, portable POS systems, smart lighting, and more, all of which can eat up precious bandwidth. Limited bandwidth can lead to decreased productivity and inefficiencies within a company, ultimately impacting the bottom line. The WBE750 access point with its high WiFi throughput and ability to support up to 600 concurrent devices is among the most advanced available today.




On average, most people have three connected devices, and these often come with them to the workplace. For businesses with 50 or more employees, each with personal devices, plus connected workplace equipment, network congestion can quickly become an issue. The WBE750 brings WiFi 7, the latest standard of WiFi, to the workplace and offers a solution for businesses with these complex needs. Combined with NETGEAR’s Pro Router, Smart Cloud Managed Switches and Insight Remote Cloud Management, businesses with limited onsite IT resources can have an enterprise class, yet easy to manage total network solution, said Iphie Chen, senior product line manager at NETGEAR. 


NETGEAR and WiFi 7

With WiFi 7 technology, devices can send and receive data across multiple WiFi bands simultaneously, improving throughput for end devices and helping avoid the pitfalls of poor connection. As WiFi 7 continues to settle in as the new industry standard, more devices brought to the workplace will be WiFi 7 enabled, and businesses need connectivity that matches this demand. Compared to access points with older WiFi standards, the WBE750 offers faster data transmission, lower latency, less interference, and greater capacity – even for WiFi 6 devices.

The WBE750 boasts RF technology designed by NETGEAR engineers with a unique antenna system design optimized for concurrent operation of all bands (2.4/5/6GHz). Each antenna is individually tuned to ensure the best connectivity across all bands. The in-house team also created an advanced filter for the Multi-link Operation (a feature of WiFi 7) that better isolates the individual bands for minimal interference, translating to 20-30% better connectivity.


Easy management for businesses of any size


NETGEAR® Insight management solution offers plug-and-play setup and management of a small business network, using an easy-to-use cloud web portal or mobile app for Insight compatible devices.


The Insight platform allows any business or custom install project owner, managed service provider or IT professional to discover and set up their NETGEAR devices and monitor and manage their network. The intuitive web interface and mobile app cover a variety of configuration options and network situations.

Additional technical specifications include:

  • Dedicated wireless support – Take advantage of free, dedicated solutions experts for consultation on placement, size, and maximizing performance:
  • Unprecedented WiFi 7 security – enterprise-level WPA3 for top-rated security. Create safe and secure sub-networks with multiple SSIDs and VLANs and use NETGEAR Insight to help configure and easily maintain the security of the network.
  • Backwards compatibility and futureproofing – enhanced speed and greater throughput even with older WiFi 6/6E devices, building in futureproofing when more WiFi 7 devices hit the market.
  • Mesh capability for better coverage – connect several WBE750 APs together to create a comprehensive mesh network.
  • 4x more throughput – WiFi 7 technology, featuring a faster 6GHz band, delivers 2.4x more throughput than designs based on WiFi 6E.

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