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The 2N® Access Unit QR enhances convenience for visitors and administrators of IP door access control solutions.

Imagine: You're visiting a large office building or apartment complex, you call the reception video intercom and get no response. Once you do get through, the person at reception lets you in and directs you to the reception on the second floor, but you're unsure where the elevator is. Finally, when you arrive at the designated spot, you have to wait another ten minutes while the person at reception assigns your temporary visitor credentials.

It may seem frustrating, but it happens every day. What's the solution? QR codes.


2N® Access Unit QR: single, quick, reliable access


This new QR code access control reader is key to providing a seamless experience for visitors and should be a part of any modern building utilizing IP door access control systems.


  • Modern Convenience: Today's average end user is a mobile-first consumer. Accessing buildings via QR code is based on this new demand for convenience. Projects must therefore be ready to meet it by offering modern IP door access control.
  • Total Flexibility: Turn this access control reader into a fully flexible unit by adding another access technology for permanent staff/residents (e.g., Bluetooth and RFID).
  • Fast Administration with Reduced Administrative Costs: Generate, distribute, update, and/or revoke QR credentials in seconds with 2N® Access Commander. Reception staff and property managers can proceed with bulk credential distribution to multiple users via email.
  • More Sustainable and Cost-Free Credentials: Reduce plastic waste and your expenses: QR codes are free and eliminate costs associated with purchasing physical credentials, their handling, issuance, and eventual disposal.
  • More Secure IP Door Access Control: QR codes are much more secure than PIN codes as they cannot be listened to. Plus, you can complement access records in 2N® Access Commander with high-quality screenshots taken with the Full HD camera of the 2N® Access Unit QR.
  • Easy Integration: Integrate the reader into your virtual machines, use it as a fully featured camera, and achieve maximum security at your premises! Plus, if needed, you can integrate it with third-party software for QR code generation and distribution.


How does access via QR codes work?

  1. QR codes are generated directly on the 2N® Access Unit QR or in 2N® Access Commander, where users also set access rules (validity—typically single, but can be extended as needed—access zones, etc.)
  2. The person at reception pre-sends the QR code (or multiple codes in bulk) via email to visitors' phones
  3. The email may also include necessary instructions for entry and navigating the building: no more wandering aimlessly looking for the right entrance!
  4. When the visitor arrives, they present their phone to the 2N® Access Unit QR
  5. Access is granted instantly!


Technical information

  • Order numbers: EMEA: 916201
  • Only available in nickel (silver) color version:
    Surface Installation Frame - 2 Module 9155022
    Flush Installation Frame - 2 Module 9155012
    Flush Installation Box - 2 Module 9155015
  • All modules of 2N® IP Verso/2N® IP Verso 2.0 intercoms are compatible with the 2N® Access Unit QR reader 

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