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Hikvision launches a campaign with an all-in-one solution for their HikCentral product.

From April 15th to May 15th, 2024, HikCentral software licenses will include a fully installed, ready-to-use Workstation at no additional cost.


This turnkey solution for the customer includes a cutting-edge server, comes with pre-loaded licenses, the fully configured Windows 10 IoT Operating System, and doesn't require software activation.


The temporary promotion All in One Station includes a license for the server with pre-installation of HikCentral-P-VSS/Base + 32 channels HikCentral-P-VSS-1Ch + 4 ports HikCentral-P-ACS-1Door, starting at a price of €1,280. It's a fully scalable hardware and software product that can be expanded with a wide range of HikCentral options according to current and future needs.


HikCentral All-in-One Workstation

The tower-format VMS workstation HikCentral-Workstation/HW5L/32Ch(C) included in the promotion combines powerful features with a compact design. It can be used as both a server and client control simultaneously. It has the capacity to manage up to four independent screens and integrates high-quality video decoding, without the need for additional hardware.

As for the included software, it doesn't require activation and is distributed ready to use, thoroughly tested by Hikvision's professional team with 24/7 platinum support available, as well as three years of warranty. Additionally, the license can be flexibly expanded within the server's performance specification.  

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