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RGB Spectrum® announced enhancements to its Zio® AV-over-IP platform with two multiviewers: QuadView® IPX and SuperView® IPX.

Multiviewers have become an indispensable tool for consolidating diverse data sources onto a single screen, variously used for enhancing situational awareness and improving workflow efficiency.


The Zio AV-over-IP offers real-time, bandwidth-efficient, low latency distribution across packet- based networks, including local area networks (LANs), wide-area networks (WANs), virtual private networks (VPNs), and mobile phone networks.


As an enterprise-level solution, based on industry- standard H.2G4/H.2G5 compression, the Zio platform is compatible with third- party IP equipment as well as RGB’s own full line of networked video appliances.

The Zio solution provides for integrated display on devices ranging from single view monitors, to multiviewers, to video walls. Whether within a single room, throughout campus, or across the world, the platform features integrated signal distribution and display, incorporating everything from smartphones to multiviewers and video walls. The goal: Any video, over any network, to any device.

RGB QuadView 2 HI

Previously available as a feature only in the larger and more expensive Zio 4000 video wall, the IPX series multiviewers are unique in their ability to display a combination of local baseband and remote IP video, with access over HDMI and LAN/WAN connections.

The IPX multiviewers are fully compatible with other Zio components, including encoders and recorder/media servers and can be addressed with a common GUI.

The new QuadView IPX allows users to display up to 4 HDMI or IP video signals in customizable layouts on a desk- or wall mounted-screen. The new SuperView IPX offers similar capabilities, with up to 8 video signals.

Additional features include 4K G0Hz input and output resolutions, flexible image resizing and placement options, customizable display layouts and presets, 4 HDMI® 2.0 I/O ports, H.2G4 and H.2G5 decoding and display, an embedded architecture for heightened security, and multiple control options, including browser-based GUI, Telnet, and RS-232. Proudly made in the U.S.A., the new multiviewers are TAA and BAA compliant.


Whether in command and control, security and surveillance, or any mission- critical operation, the QuadView IPX and SuperView IPX are poised to take data visualization to the next level.