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The building of the Bank of Development in Minsk, Belarus was designed by the studio Vorobiev and partners.

Since the building was created as a HQ of the Bielorussian Potash Company its architecture reminds the outlines of the crystal of potassium – symmetrical 8 level facades of glass split into 2 parts with the red arrow in the middle that makes an atrium inside of the building.

The installation of a voice evacuation system is a part of the mandatory requirements to ensure safe and effective evacuation of the employees and the visitors in emergency situations. TOA's partner Unibelus Ltd. installed a fire notification system according to the norms effective in Belarus.

TOA BankofDevelopment Minsk 1
The prime purpose of the system is to notify of the fire or other emergency and assist evacuation of the visitors and employees of the building. But the system is used as well to communicate messages other than emergency as and when necessary.

TOAʼs voice evacuation system passed all the required testing and was certified against the local norms for fire safety and had been already used for a number of projects.

“We had solid evidence of both quality and reliability of TOA products and solutions, and those are the main criteria for the safety sector", says Unibelus.

“Also, we know about the reliability and failure resistance of the devices, which are easy to mount and operate. This is perfect for us and for our customer.”

Choosing TOA, Unibelus made sure met all the requirements to the system of such kind put by the local regulators, customer, and architects.